The Yeshivah Ketanah of Torath Emeth is for students between the ages of 14–17, and is the natural continuation from the Talmud Torah forming the gateway to the world of Yeshivat Tomchel Tmimim and other Chabad yeshivahs in Israel and abroad. Here the young student begins his journey to develop his divine service with the help and influence Torah scholars and spiritual mentors mashpi’im in a youthful and fresh environment. The students learn Torah and Chasidut in an organized schedule from eary morning until late in the evening. They absorb warm and vibrant Chassidic atmosphere. The yeshivah is located in the heart of Shikkun Chabad, Jerusalem. Torath Emeth has greatly enhanced and influenced the Chassidic environment of the entire area.  

Rabbi Yechiel M. Dobruskin
Rosh Yeshivah