Here, children begin to form a path towards their divine service. They leam the Aleph Beit, the 12 Pesukim, and the foundations of pure faith and desire to cleave to the light of Chassidut. There are 200 boys and girls. They are divided into six classes and learn in separate buildings. In the Torath Emeth kindergartens an emphasis Is placed on Chassidic education in accordance with the teachings of the Rebbe about educating young children with a warm and personal relationship. The kindergarten staff has been carefully chosen and combines years of professionalism with love for each child The children also benefit from private transportation and an afternoon day center. The boys kindergarten is in the building of the Talmud Torah in Shikkun Chabad, and the girls kindergarten is located in new premises in Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem.

Rabbi Yaakov Steinberg